Student’s new cleaning company goes commercial


‘The sky is the limit for Freshclean’

Linda Smith, News Editor

As an incoming freshman at the University of Dallas, Patricio Healy knew he wanted to start a cleaning service for campus dorms. Nearly six semesters of cleaning and strategizing later, Healy now runs Freshclean Janitorial Services, LLC, his own student-based cleaning company. Moving beyond the informal work agreements and campus dorms of freshman year, the company now has six official employees and as many contracts with local businesses to clean their offices. The company also just recently launched its official webpage,

Photo illustration courtesy of Freshclean employee Anthony Guerra
Photo illustration courtesy of
Freshclean employee Anthony Guerra

The outgrowth of the dorm-room cleaning service, R&P Cleaning, that Healy founded in October 2010, Freshclean earned its first commercial contract in December 2011, when the university approached Healy about cleaning the UD fitness center. The following summer, Healy decided to discontinue R&P and its dorm cleaning service and officially found Freshclean, LLC, in its place, which retained the contract with UD. During those summer and autumn months, Healy began networking in an effort to branch out from UD and signed six contracts with local businesses. Among them were Tiger’s Den Crossfit, Pacific Logistics Corp. and Dachser Intelligent Logistics, along with Grapevine business RTM Transportation, all of which are still clients of Freshclean.

“We really liked the idea of working for companies as opposed to college students because it provided us with a larger target market, which meant that we could expand with greater ease,” Healy said. “This change in the business plan has really benefited our company by providing a larger source of income and by giving more structure to our operations. At the same time, it has given all of our employees

(who are college students) the ability to experience real-world business on different fronts.”

The company is now a limited-liability company, with insurance, payroll taxes, accounting software through Quickbooks and a website at In 2012, the company posted a 10 percent net-income margin.

All employees work part-time, between eight and 12 hours each week. Among them are operations manager Anthony Guerra, sales representative Liam Kenney and Freshclean team members John Wadsworth and Mikhail Castillo.

As Healy describes it, Freshclean does “anything from vacuuming and changing trash bags to mopping floors and cleaning mirrors.” They charge by square footage and other factors such as the number of bathrooms, desks and trash cans.

Guerra joined the team in Fall 2012.

“Patricio has always been a great friend of mine, and at the beginning of last semester he approached me with the proposition to work for Freshclean,” Guerra said. “Even though it was only a janitorial job, and I was busy running my own business, I saw the potential of Freshclean and really wanted to help him. I figured that my input from what I learned from my past business experience might be able to help. Since my start as just a janitorial worker in September, I am now operations manager, and I really enjoy what I do.”

The amount of growth for this student-based company over the past few years is something that Healy attributes not only to dedication to the company, but to hiring employees “who are smarter, more effective, and better communicators” than many similar companies hire.

“It has been very exciting to see how far Patricio has taken Freshclean in just a few short months,” Guerra said. “The sky is the limit for Freshclean!”




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