Mall á la Mode


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

mall a la mode pictureTara McCrorey

Year: Senior

Major: History, Political Philosophy and Spanish concentration


Dress: Francesca’s

Necklace: belonged to her mother in the ‘80s

Purse: Anne Klein from T.J.Maxx

Tights: Target

Boots: a present from Santa, who probably found them at DSW

JK: What are your fashion influences?

TM: Definitely Audrey Hepburn and my roommates. They really introduced me to dressing more femininely. I don’t really have a specific style; I think it’s more fun to try different things.

JK: What are your favorite places to shop at?

TM: I really like Anne Taylor Loft, Banana Republic and Francesca’s.

JK: Do you enjoy thrift shopping?

TM: I’m not very good at it. I have a few scarves and accessories from places, but I’m not very good at finding things.

JK: How do you shop on a college budget?

TM: I never buy things that are full price, and I try to only get classic pieces that won’t go out of style in two years. I don’t really buy “trendy” things.

JK: Since you brought up trends, are there any current ones that you particularly dislike?

TM: I don’t like the shirts that are see-through, where the point is to see what color your bra is.

JK: If you could live in any time period, just based off of its fashion, which would it be?

TM: Definitely the 1940s or the early 1950s. I just think the figure that was desirable then was more natural. It also seems a lot of the dresses would be fun to wear. And shoes! I love shoes from the 1940s.

JK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

TM: It is always important to remember that your clothes reflect who you want people to think you are, so dress for who you want people to see you as.



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