Crusader profile: Chris Schierhorn


Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor

Senior Chris Schierhorn is an Alaskan, left-handed pitcher for the UD baseball team.
Senior Chris Schierhorn is an Alaskan, left-handed pitcher for the UD baseball team.

Recently, I was able to catch up to Chris “Schlebe” Schierhorn on the Mall. Chris is a senior baseball player at the University of Dallas, and is, as one could assume, lacking in free time. He made time, however, for The University News.

A left-handed pitcher hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Schierhorn has played ball since he was four years old, and always played either as first baseman or pitcher.

“I’m a lefty,” he said, “so naturally my coaches put me at those positions.”

Chris has not disappointed as pitcher. With two wins under his belt and an ERA of only 1.74, this season looks promising for him.

“Our opponents aren’t used to seeing [a left-handed pitcher],” he said. “I get inside their heads.”

Schierhorn’s strategy is clear. “You can’t really scout hitters till game day, so during warm ups I get to look for holes in their swing,” he told me. Schierhorn explained that the trick to being a dominant pitcher is to remain cool and collected. He continued to describe his thought on the mound when staring down a hitter: that the hitter is going to get himself out.

Crusader baseball can continue to count on Schierhorn’s pitching ability as the season continues.

Schierhorn originally came to the University of Dallas because of his friend Varea Costello. Schierhorn and Costello had been friends since Schierhorn met him in first grade as his bathroom buddy.

Schierhorn is a business major, and plans to work on a coffee farm in Costa Rica with fellow Spanish-enthusiast David Janicki. He endeavors to be the “first white Costa Rican coffee farmer with a college degree.”



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