Thu. May 19th, 2022

How to thank on break

Spring Break is approaching! Finally! This means that many University of Dallas students will be traveling to their respective homes; however, a fair portion of our population also has plans to spend Spring Break with friends, visiting each other’s home towns.

How should you properly thank your host’s parents? Each situation is different – depending on the size of your group, on how long you’re staying, on the length of the friendship, etc. – but a sincere, verbal “Thank you” is always the minimum.

A written thank-you note is also a great way to express your gratitude. You can either write the note during the break and hand-deliver it at the end of the week, or you can write it upon your return to UD and mail it (preferably within a fortnight). The written thank-you note might be an endangered species in today’s society, but it is always appreciated, especially by parents.

Alternatively, you could come bearing gifts. This can be a little riskier, since you may not be familiar with the tastes and preferences of your friend’s family; it can also be impractical, given the temporal and monetary constraints of collegiate life.

Overall, the best way to show your appreciation is to respect their hospitality by showing courtesy to the family, by expressing your thanks during your visit, and by following up with a letter of gratitude.

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