Committee decides on senior gift


Louis Hannegan, Managing Editor

Senior Committee announced on Monday that the senior gift for the Class of 2013 will be a Rome scholarship for two deserving members of the Class of 2016.

The target fund is $3,000, to be split to $1,500 per student, senior Committee Co-Chairs Claire Eastaway and Anna Heimes said. The funds will be gathered from current seniors and the University of Dallas alumni community.

The award will be made based upon the students’ demonstration of financial need prohibiting the student’s participation in the Rome Program, the co-chairs said.

This gift replaces the hotly contested bronze groundhog statue that was proposed last semester.

Senior Committee decided to reconsider the groundhog statue late last semester when several seniors began circulating a petition to protest the statue, which was slated to cost as much as $20,000.

140 seniors signed the petition, as well as 60 non-seniors. The lack of support prompted Senior Committee to reconsider.

“A class gift should be a gesture that unites us as graduating seniors, demonstrates our gratitude and appreciation for the university, and affords us an opportunity to give back in whatever small way we can,” the Committee co-chairs said. “Senior Committee concluded that a gift that so divided the class was antithetical to this end.”Having decided against the statue, Senior Committee began to investigate other possible gifts and settled on the Rome scholarship.

The Committee, according to the co-chairs, consulted numerous students about possible alternatives and worked closely with the university administration to create an attainable gift. The lateness in the semester limited their possibilities.

The Committee opted for the Rome scholarship, in lieu of the bronze plaques with quotes to be placed around campus – the stated back-up plan as of last fall – because they see such a scholarship as a more concrete way to give back to the university.

“Many members of our class were blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Rome semester during our sophomore year. This program is part of what sets the University of Dallas apart from other schools and draws many students to study here,” the co-chairs said.

“Therefore, we hope this will be an opportunity for us to give back to the student community and to help our fellow students in a tangible and substantive way.”


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