Hatlie’s position expanded, renamed


Linda Smith, News Editor

Dr. Peter Hatlie, now vice president, dean and director of the Rome Program. -Photo courtesy of the University of Dallas
Dr. Peter Hatlie, now vice president, dean and director of the Rome Program. -Photo courtesy of the University of Dallas

President Thomas Keefe has recently appointed Dr. Peter Hatlie to the newly created position of vice president, dean and director of the university’s Rome Program.
Prior to this appointment, Hatlie was serving as the dean and director of the Rome Program.
With the addition of ‘vice president,’ the new position entails closer work and more direct communication between Hatlie and the Irving campus.
“I will be working more closely and directly with President Keefe and his Cabinet in the areas of strategic planning, fund-raising and public-institutional relations,” Hatlie said. “Practically speaking, this new title represents a positive step in better coordinating the activities of UD Rome and UD Irving.”
Hatlie heard about the proposed creation of the new position about six months ago, and felt that it was appropriate for two reasons.
“First, other nationally recognized universities have adopted a similar protocol for management of their flagship study-abroad programs,” Hatlie said. “And second, the move seemed appropriate for UD Rome, given the importance of the Rome Program to the University of Dallas’s mission and the need for close communication and collaboration between UD Rome and UD Irving.”
The new position, though adding to Hatlie’s administrative duties, will change little of the day-to-day operations of the Rome campus, Keefe said.
Current students have noticed the many responsibilities that fall on Hatlie’s lap, and see this new position as a logical next step for him.
“He does so much (more) than just put together students’ class schedules,” current Rome student Jessie Johnson said. “Dr. Hatlie truly pulls the whole program together, communicating between professors, students and the Student Life staff to ensure that we all have a truly holistic Rome semester and the best experience possible. The Rome semester is such an integral part of the formation process at UD, that it only makes sense for the program director to be given this title.”
Past students, including senior and fall 2010 Rome student Amanda Werley, remember being “extremely impressed” with Hatlie from the start.
“I think Dr. Hatlie is a truly unique gift to our university,” Werley said. “He runs the program so well on and off campus.”
Junior and spring 2012 Rome student Matthew Wisnoski remembers not only his own impressions of Hatlie, but what other students have said of Hatlie.
“Dr. Hatlie as an administrator is phenomenally impressive,” Wisnoski said. “After hearing about all of the previous Rome directors, Dr. Hatlie is a member of a group of select individuals who make the Rome program and the Due Santi experience what it is. Ask any student from the past decade and they will have something to say about Dr. Hatlie. That, to me, means something.”
Hatlie looks forward to the opportunities to “evaluate and implement new and great ideas for Rome that originate in Irving,” and also “to be a strong advocate for guarding the traditions that have made UD Rome such a superb program.”
“I’m convinced that UD’s Rome Program is an important reason why prospective students come to the University of Dallas in the first place, why current students enthusiastically embrace the university’s commendable culture and mission, and why UD graduates ultimately excel as professionals, parents, community leaders and citizens,” Hatlie said. “To be part of this great project has always given me huge satisfaction.  To be more a part of it now represents a great honor and challenge for me in the years to come.”


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