Admissions shakes up Aspiring Scholars weekend


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

40-50 students take to the Mall in their most ridiculous costumes for last Friday's 'Harlem Shake.' -Photo by Rebecca Rosen
40-50 students take to the Mall in their most ridiculous costumes for last Friday’s ‘Harlem Shake.’ -Photo by Rebecca Rosen

It can be hard for students to find ways to relax amid homework, classes and the usual social drama that inevitably occurs when young adults are in close proximity to one another. But the latest dance craze sweeping college campuses is the perfect way to shake the stress away – literally.
After videos of college students dancing went viral on the Internet, senior Blake Ballard, who works with the marketing team in Admissions, decided that it was the University of Dallas’ turn to do the ‘Harlem Shake.’
“A few students had come up to me and asked me if we would be willing to do one at a TGIT, because I am also the TGIT coordinator, but I thought it would be a better idea to do it on a larger scale, like the one they did over at UT in Austin,” Ballard said.
“So I proposed the idea with everyone in Admissions. Luckily, they really loved the idea, and it just so happened to be a visit weekend the Friday after I proposed the idea, so we all went forward with it in hopes for a great turnout.”
Ballard said that advertising for the event was relatively simple. He runs the UD Hub Facebook page, so he was able to quickly spread the word by creating a Facebook event. Students came to the Mall last Friday, dressed in their most ridiculous costumes, in order to participate in the dance.
Junior Chandler Johnson decided to participate after seeing some of the Harlem Shake videos online.
“I realized that all I had to do was act a fool. It was definitely fun, although we couldn’t hear the music, so we just danced,” she said. “I felt like a crazy person, but in a crowd of about 70 people, I didn’t feel left out … I mean, there was a guy in a banana suit pouring milk on himself, so they couldn’t be afraid of being that embarrassed.”
Kyle Gjolberg, the junior who dressed in the banana suit, decided to pour milk on himself during the dance after being amused by a similar video he saw online.
“Things can get a little slow around campus at times, so it was good to have something like this to perk everyone up,” he said.
Ballard said that the prospective students enjoyed the event.  “I think giving these high-schoolers the opportunity to see our students having a little fun on a Friday afternoon was just the right thing to do,” he said. “Even the parents got a good laugh from it at the end of it all, so in the end I was really pleased with the final result.”


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