Mall á la Mode


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

Mall a la modeSean Byers

Year: Junior

Major: Business


Shirt: Lands’ End

Jacket: Marc Anthony from KOHLS

Watch: Guess

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes: Bass


JK: What are some of your fashion influences?

SB: I really try to go for a classic sort of look – what was considered “casual” back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, which is today business professional. Most people say that I look like I belong on Mad Men.

JK: How do you shop on a college student’s budget?

SB: I try and find deals on clothes. A lot of outlet shopping, thrift stores. You never buy something at full price. There’s always a deal for something somewhere.

JK: Do you have any outfits that you regret wearing in your past?

SB: Most of what I wore casually in high school, which was lots of jeans, t-shirts and Etnies. It doesn’t work just because it’s far too casual – you should take yourself more seriously and not dress like a bum.

JK: If you could live during any different time period just based off the clothing, when would it be?

SB: It’s got to be the ‘20s or the ‘50s. The suit and tie was considered standard, and they dressed in a way that made it seem like they had a purpose. It wasn’t to impress, it was just a way of expressing your confidence in yourself and what it meant to be a gentleman. It sets the tone for all other social obligations.

JK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

SB: The three fashion tips that I live by are: 1. never wear clashing colors, 2. never pair patterns and 3. make sure it fits right.

JK: Do you ever surprise people (specifically girls) with how much you enjoy fashion?

SB: Most of the time, because a lot of people just kind of see me as perhaps a jock, or somewhat masculine, and shopping isn’t generally associated with that. But to all you gentlemen out there, I am here to say that it is masculine to look your best and look like you have purpose and focus in your life. The only way to get there is to shop for it.



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