Core Decorum–Lessons in leadership


Did George Harrison try to sing and play lead guitar, drums, and bass guitar all at the same time? No. Did Ringo Starr ignore all of his band members and focus only on his own work? No. If the Beatles didn’t do that, then why should your club?  Just like musicians, club leaders accomplish the most when they work with others. When you are put in a leadership position and given the task of planning club events, you don’t want to become a prima donna rock star; it is nearly impossible to do everything by yourself and still achieve a high level of success.
Club leaders should 1. ask for people to help them and 2. support their helpers. As a leader, you might be tempted to do everything yourself in order to produce what you think will be the best product, but you must learn to let go of the desire to control everything; you must be willing to learn from others and from their own unique ways of doing things. However, asking for help without supporting your team members is just as bad as not asking for help at all. A leader should never assume that someone else will do a job. They should ask them specifically and clearly, giving precise goals and deadlines. Also, a leader should not abandon those who volunteer, but should check in with them before the event to ensure that everything is going well. Thus, a club leader shouldn’t try to do everything himself, nor should he ask for help and then ignore his team members. A leader’s job is to encourage other leaders in the club – to orchestrate the individual efforts into a single group product.


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