A night of masks and mystery


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

IMG_3721The usually familiar cafeteria was made magically mysterious last Saturday as masked men and women twirled around the makeshift dance floor.
Instead of the usual Sadie Hawkins Dance, Student Programming at the University of Dallas decided to embrace the festivity in the air due to the recently celebrated Valentine’s Day and Mardis Gras by having a Masquerade Dance.IMG_3792
Megan O’Brien, the SPUD Socials Coordinator who planned the event, decided to go this non-traditional route for a few reasons.
“First of all, attendance at the Sadie Hawkins dance was always rather low, even for a typical UD dance,” she said. “I found that most ladies at UD do not look forward to asking guys out for this dance. On average, they prefer a traditional, chivalrous route, where guys ask the ladies.” O’Brien also said that students generally think it’s odd that the Sadie Hawkins Dance takes place right around Valentine’s Day.
“Since Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras were both during the week prior to the scheduled date for the SPUD Dance, I decided to incorporate Mardi Gras influences into the dance,” she explained. “This allows for the introduction of the Mardi Gras masks into the dance, and so the title of ‘Masquerade Dance’ seemed only appropriate. After discussing it with different students on campus, the Masquerade seemed like a great idea and fun alternative to the Sadie Hawkins dance.”
IMG_3650Benjamin Webster, a junior who attended the dance, said that the dance was quite possibly the best dance he had gone to at UD. He agreed that the theme was an improvement upon the usual Sadie Hawkins Dance, partly because students got to show off their creativity while making the masks they wore.
“The theme is, of course, quite exciting, allowing for a fun mix of colors and the odd extravagant costume,” he said. “It creates an altogether enjoyable mood, setting up the atmosphere for a perfectly diverting time.”
DJ Bogey Lowenstein played music for the event, and ARAMARK provided drinks and snacks. O’Brien reported that about 150 people attended the event.IMG_3656
“Maybe there will be more demand for Sadie Hawkins during other years at UD,” she said. “But currently I think it is safer to throw a traditional dance where there is less pressure for ladies to find dates on their own.”


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