Mozart Bakery, a sweet study spot


Akiko Bremar, Contributing Writer


Delicious treat of specialty strawberry and mango mousse from Mozart Bakery. Photo by Akiko Bremar
Delicious treat of specialty strawberry and mango mousse from Mozart Bakery. Photo by Akiko Bremar

Less than 10 minutes away from the University of Dallas, this seemingly small Asian bakery actually has everything a standard bakery could have and more.
If you have a sweet tooth, love bubble tea or just want a new spot to study, Mozart Bakery is the place to go. With its wide selection of desserts and over 20 flavors of bubble tea, I really don’t know any other place in Irving that can compare with it.
Certainly Starbucks is the go-to safe haven to get away from UD. I have, however, often found various Starbucks stores to be crowded with long lines and full tables. In addition, the drinks have always been too pricey for daily adventures. Mozart Bakery has all the perks of a Starbucks without its crowds and pricey drinks.
When I first entered the bakery, I was surprised to see how large it was. There were about 20 booths and tables to the right, a large walking space in the middle and a counter with food to the left. There was also a section right next to the door with two longer booths that could each hold a party of 12.
As I walked in and saw what the bakery had, I grew more and more excited. Not only did it have some delicious Asian pastries, including soft cakes and Japanese red-bean desserts, but it also had regular cakes and macaroons of many flavors. The bakery additionally had ice cream, shaved ice and Italian soda for fairly low prices. Drinks offered included hot teas, coffee, iced coffee drinks and homemade fruit juices, all of which averaged around $3 per drink.
From the bakery, I have tried the green tea macaroons, the strawberry shortcake and the chocolate mousse dessert, which were all dainty and delightfully delicious. The chocolate mousse was so rich that I could not even finish it, but the shortcake and macaroons were perfect. My friend tried the blueberry mousse cake and the peach mousse cake, both of which she liked, though she said the peach was a bit sweet. My other friend bought a 16-ounce bubble tea for under $5, which she downed within five minutes.
I would describe the bakery as the perfect hole-in-the-wall. What seems small and unassuming on the outside is quite large, welcoming and nice on the inside. The interior decoration is simple but calming, with a brown and soft-yellow color scheme. The large space provides room for people to walk around, breathe and simply relax, while soft music plays in the background. Bonus: It has free WiFi!
If you want to try someplace new, need to satisfy a sweet tooth or just want to check the place out for yourself, I would highly recommend the Mozart Bakery. Though I have only been to the bakery once, it is definitely a repeat location and is my new favorite Dallas niche.


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