Wandering Outside the Bubble – Jimmy’s Food Store: a taste of Rome in Irving


Megan O’Brien, Contributing Writer


A delicious Muffeletta from Jimmy's Food Store, loaded with mortadella, ham, provalone, Genoa Salami, and olive salad. - Photo courtesy of Jimmysfoodstore.com
A delicious Muffeletta from Jimmy’s Food Store, loaded with mortadella, ham, provalone, Genoa Salami, and olive salad. – Photo courtesy of Jimmysfoodstore.com

Locally owned by the DiCarlo family for 42 years, Jimmy’s Food Store has established itself as a quintessential component of the East Dallas neighborhood. Though many UDers have been to Jimmy’s before, I find it my duty to ensure that every UDer is afforded this same opportunity.
I repeatedly seek out Jimmy’s for its unique sandwiches and Italian imports. Set up like an Italian grocery store, Jimmy’s is lined with racks stocked with familiar Italian cookies, pastas, cheeses, and wines. Memories from Rome flood back whenever I scan those shelves.
Amidst all the reverie, don’t forget to head back to the deli. Jimmy’s also offers homemade sausage, meatballs, and exquisitely prepared meats such as prosciutto, mortadella, and salami. Most of these are meant to be prepared in meals at home.
However, over ten options of Italian sandwiches allow customers to taste Jimmy’s unique flavors right away. The menu is posted by the deli counter.
Jimmy’s most popular sandwich is the Muffuletta, loaded with mortadella, ham, Provolone, Genoa salami, and olive salad. You must be able to appreciate olives to enjoy this meal! Other delicious options include the cheesy meatball sub and Italian sub.
Sandwiches are priced between $3.99 and $6.99 for a 6” – 9” sandwich. And a 6” sandwich may be bigger than you would think, especially the Muffuletta packed inside a large round bun.
Directly after ordering, scan the shelves for a specialty drink. Jimmy’s is well-supplied with cold beer, wine, old-fashioned root beers, and even Dublin Dr. Pepper.
If you are still waiting for your sandwich after selecting a drink, then I recommend that you pay for your meal and drink at the cash register in the front.
Once you receive your sandwich, wrapped carefully in white butcher paper, find a seat in the front of the store or take it to-go.
Also, inquire about their wine tastings. Jimmy’s has a separate room located in the back dedicated to them.
Venture over to Jimmy’s to pick up either a quick sandwich or sausage dinner for later. Just make sure you arrive before 7:00 p.m. They close early.


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