A welcome and a look ahead in Student Government


The Student Government Senate would like to congratulate the new and returning Senators of Spring 2013. As significant as last semester was for SG, the Senate is dedicated to providing an even greater degree of service and communication to the student body. Any student should feel comfortable approaching his or her class or residence representative with an idea or concern, including those students who live in the student apartments or commute.
Student Government has a track record of engaging the university on the most significant issues and providing incredible entertainment for the student body. From town hall meetings to Sunday Sundaes, SG is on campus making a difference. So talk with us on the Mall on Fridays or flag down an SG Senator wearing a polo on Tuesday, because SG will continue representing your best interests through hard work and a commitment to student leadership.
Patrick Brehany
Vice President of SG

New Senators

Freshmen Senator
Adam Davis
Sophomore Senators
Patrick Bohlin
Emily Wilson
Christina Davis
Rachel Luquette
Junior Senators
Aaron Stolle
William Hegedusich
Senior Senator
Matthew deGrood
Residence Senators
Will Chavey
(New Hall, 2nd Floor)
Jenna Sommer


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