Rugby team promises entertainment, hugs for Groundhog game


Patrick Rowles, Contributing Writer

A crucial element of the Groundhog celebration is the tradition of the University of Dallas’ rugby game.

free hugs2This upcoming Saturday, Feb 2, the Groundhogs will battle on Macnab Pitch. This game promises to be an intense match. They will be dueling with their archrival, Southern Methodist University.

Following UD’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of their bitter foes last semester, these ruggers will be out for blood. The previous match ended with the same number of tries scored on the ground, with only place kicks deciding the outcome. The Groundhogs faltered twice in the first half, once on an interception and another on a penalty, both of which gave away easy scores to SMU.

Despite bone-crunching forward play in the second half and militaristic discipline in the face of constant penalties against the other side, the deficit proved too large, and SMU prevailed.

The Groundhogs know they have what it takes to right the ship and come away with a victory for what should be a boisterous crowd celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our beloved Groundhog celebration.

In addition to the fierce rivalry experiencing its most even, two-sided installment in its history, six seniors (John Bascom, Tyler Burr, Adam Collard, Thomas Nelson, Peter O’Brien and your’s truly) will likely be playing their last match at home in their undergraduate careers.

Even if you cannot yet see the method to the madness that is rugby, come out to the pitch at 2 p.m. to celebrate 50 years and six seniors, and enjoy watching 30 guys chasing around a ball and hitting each other in the mud. Free hugs after the match.



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