ROTC provides opportunity for all UD students


Patrick Brehany, Contributing Writer

It seems that life is always throwing up barriers against a greater degree of personal fitness. Lack of motivation, scheduling conflicts, confusion about exactly where to begin and end a workout, all of these factors and many more can destroy the desire to achieve goals and obtain results. Fortunately there is an opportunity on campus that can develop any individual, weekly physical training with the University’s ROTC Club. First the basics, there are no contracts or recruiters involved. ROTC Club is affiliated solely with the University of Dallas. Students and cadets from the University meet three times a week (MWF) from 6:00 7:00 a.m. on the tennis courts behind the New Dorm.

Photo by Patrick BrehanyUD members of the ROTC Club gather for an early morning workout and continue to develop their physical fitness and their Army values.
Photo by Patrick Brehany
UD members of the ROTC Club gather for an early morning workout and continue to develop their physical fitness and their Army values.

ROTC Club extends an open invitation to any student, regardless of experience or class, the only requirement is attending one or all of these tri-weekly workouts. Commitment by all participants and a basis in the Army values creates a dedicated community that offers camaraderie and results. Each day is unique, but challenges the whole body and is designed for a range of individuals. Monday focuses primarily on the core which is critical for every type of activity. Wednesday features intensive running and cardio, the current members of the club provide a range of running groups that include cross country athletes and students who favor a more manageable pace. Friday workouts are for the upper body and utilize carefully planned circuit training to target all muscle groups. In addition to this regular schedule, the club leadership tries to provide unique and valuable training such as running in cadence, the use of available equipment in the athletic center, and incorporating suggestions from participants that will challenge the group in new ways.

The benefits of working out with ROTC Club should now be clear, but please allow me to highlight a few of the more nebulous advantages. First, students can participate at their discretion in a community that supports their individual goals. Second, club leadership has received extensive training that compliments their dedication to personal fitness and they are willing to go the extra mile in sharing this knowledge. Third, ROTC Club training occurs with absolute certainty at a time during which there are almost no conflicts.

Ultimately, ROTC Club recognizes a commitment to personal fitness as an important part of a well-rounded life and education. Waking up regularly at an early hour is no easy feat, but it engenders virtues and values that will stand the test of time. Accepting this invitation will have ripple effects throughout your time at UD. Discipline, an early start to the day, dedication, a community which will develop and support your physical fitness; these are the results of training with ROTC Club and they will help you achieve all your other goals.


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