Groundhog is what you make of it


Matthias Andrews, Contributing Writer

The annual event of Groundhog is fast approaching, and as February 2 gets closer, the buzz and hype that are already high will continue to reach a fever pitch. Most people know Groundhog as the “Party in the Park,” but the celebration has grown to include many more events, blossoming to a nearly weeklong extravaganza. What, then, is Groundhog really celebrating?

The answer to that question is as varied as the people on this campus. Groundhog celebrates the history of University of Dallas, the socializing, the senior class, the alumni, the rugby club, the music and, of course, the drinking. Did I mention drinking? But the greatest thing about Groundhog is that anyone can make up any sort of tradition for his or her friends in the name of Groundhog, and it is already awesome. Want to celebrate Groundhog with a tea party or Battlestar Galactica marathon? Maybe you want to want to organize a pub crawl of sorts or have a party where everyone comes up with a new mixed drink. I won’t stop you unless you decide to study on Friday night. The library closes early on the weekend for a reason.

The university already has so many activities on the table, and I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to attend as many as he or she can. Whatever you plan for Groundhog, do it with friends. Do it with youthful joy. But most of all, do it safely.



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