Wandering outside the Bubble: Rise No. 1


Megan O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Rise No. 1, a spectacular French soufflé restaurant, is a small gem hidden in an upscale shopping center in Dallas. The dark rustic building stands out from all the other whitewashed shops. On a chilly evening, fellow University of Dallas students and I hustled first into a heated tent housing a mushroom forest, a garden of herbs and flowers, and rustic decorations.

The ambience of the main room was warm and comfortable, while also maintaining an air of elegance and exquisiteness. Full bookshelves scaled up the walls and surrounded a couch near the front.

Reserved tables awaited us, and we quickly found our seats in order to better immerse ourselves in our surroundings.

Photo courtesy of  dmagazine.com.comRise No. 1’s famous souffle
Photo courtesy of dmagazine.com.com
Rise No. 1’s famous souffle

Pinterest had come to life in this place. A chandelier of wine bottles lit up the space. Recycled antiques and amazing do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts were displayed at individual tables and delicately placed along shelves.

For example, everyone drank out of a recycled wine glass, carefully cut in half and smoothed. A game of Scrabble awaited each guest. Additionally, every table was created from an arrangement of old-school desks.

To our delight, we learned that Rise No. 1 is not only environmentally friendly, but also that most of the furnishings are for sale.

While you soak in the details, don’t forget to order your meal. Rise No. 1 heavily emphasizes its soufflés, as revealed by the name of the restaurant. Ask your waiter about the most popular dishes. Also, most dishes can be prepared gluten-free if you ask.

We had a three-course dinner laid out for us. After much deliberation, I chose the Marshmallow Soup, the Truffle-Infused Mushroom Soufflé and the Chocolate Soufflé. I immediately realized that I made the right choices.

First, the appetizer. The Marshmallow Soup, surprisingly, does not contain marshmallows. Rather, the squares of fluffy goat cheese that float atop the creamy tomato bisque resemble them, hence the dish’s name. Green pesto-type sauce is drizzled over it all.

Then the soufflés arrived, risen to quite a degree higher than the bowls that attempted to contain them. These “savory pillows of joy,” as the restaurant’s website risesouffle.com boasts, were fluffy and light, due to a flawless mixture of egg yolks, beaten egg whites and truffle-infused mushrooms. The texture and flavor were consistent throughout.

The sweet soufflés, warm and risen just as high as the savory soufflés, arrived next to our delight. If you like, the waiter will tap a hole in the top of your soufflé and pour a thick chocolate sauce into your Chocolate Soufflé. You could easily split this, especially if you are eating the two other dishes.

We got a great deal on this meal with Dallas Year, but the restaurant would be worth visiting without any discount. The ambience, the food and the service are all unique and exquisite. Rise No. 1 has soufflés down to a delicate science. Someone, take me back!



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