Romers “live the experience”


Clare Myers, Contributing Writer

Although for many it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, the Spring Rome class of 2013 has arrived. After a whirlwind week that took them from the airport to the beautiful Due Santi campus and all over the Eternal City, the 105 spring Romers are beginning to settle in.

Romers began the semester with a traditional Italian meal and an early morning trip to St. Peter’s Basilica. Faculty and staff took small groups to various sights around the city for a mini-tour of the city that Vice-Director of the Rome Campus Ryan Reedy described as “a mix of information, tips and great stories.”

Once back in Due Santi, Romers began to make it their home, just as countless UD students have before, making the most of the free time that will be rare in the coming months. A number of students took the opportunity to explore the campus; more than a few compared its appearance favorably to that of the Irving campus.

“It’s smaller, but it’s beautiful,” Alec DeKeratry said. Various groups visited the closest supermarket, Top, within a few hours of arriving, and several acquainted themselves with the attractions of nearby Albano over the next few nights. Everyone has been keeping busy with the beginning of classes, learning key phrases in Italian and figuring out how the Internet works.

“I’m still kind of doubting it,” DeKeratry said. “I still haven’t even realized I’m here.”

Many students have expressed the shock of realizing, mid-conversation, that they are debating which brand of wine to try and which country to visit over the first long weekend rather than where to eat on MacArthur to escape the cafeteria food.

“You’re walking through the streets of Rome and you see this modern stuff, and you walk past a corner and you see St. Peter’s or you see the Colosseum,” Candace Langsfeld said, noting the “combination of the ancient world and modern society.”

All of us have determined to make the most of this opportunity to study in a city rich with history and culture. As Dr. Hatlie said in his remarks at the Opening Convocation, the Spring Rome class is not only ready to see the sights and travel Europe but to “live the experience.”



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