A new, old look


To our readers:

Today, you’re reading a redesigned University News that, in many ways, is a return to its roots. Starting this semester, the University News will be printed in a broadsheet format that gives the newspaper the look and feel of a “serious newspaper.”

While we’ve changed our appearance, you can be confident that we will continue to provide the excellent news and features that you expect from the University News, and we’ll be exploring ways to enhance our coverage.

Along with the change in page size, we’ll have unlimited color options available to showcase the wide-ranging activities of students, faculty, staff and administrators at the main campus in Irving and the campus in Rome. We’ll also have more space and design services available to benefit our advertisers.

The University News was a broadsheet when it debuted in 1993. Over the years the newspaper was subjected to an often-declining tab format because of contract printing requirements. That has changed. We’ve moved our printing operations to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s production facility, a change that allowed the University News to revert to its original format.

We’ll be adding more features and coverage as we move forward during the semester and we welcome your suggestions on how we might expand our coverage of campus life.



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