Groundhogs stumble into break


Patrick Rowles, Contributing Writer

Photo by Luke Hollomon
Alec Thie powers through an opposing player at last Saturday’s rugby match against the University of Texas at Dallas.

A depleted Groundhog side fell to the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Saturday, Dec. 1 at Bob Macnab Rugby Pitch, 45-7. The match began neck and neck, with the Groundhogs giving up an early score but retaliating with one of their own. Junior Anthony “Where did he go?” Wagner took advantage of a UTD Comets’ penalty on their goal line and ran through their line for a quick try. Senior John Bascom used the wind to his advantage and made an excellent conversion to finish off the scoring for UD for the match.

The remainder of the match saw the Groundhogs worked over by a skillful, fast and cohesive UTD unit. Luckily, the two teams wore different uniforms, limiting the confusion that arises from the similar school names. The Groundhogs look to learn from this match, with three more cup matches to follow in the spring season, including a home match against the much-maligned Southern Methodist University Mustangs on the day of the 50th Groundhog Day celebration.

Despite a difficult semester, the team has developed some skills it must retain in the spring. One diamond in the rough semester is the brutal force with which the Groundhogs have tackled in the last month. A slew of opposing players have hobbled off the pitch after being walloped by the UD defense. The key for this team to get back to its winning ways, though, is recruiting. With only 19 players attending crucial training sessions, the Groundhogs are not getting the requisite training that comes only with weekly 15-on-15 scrimmages. The team will look to restock next semester. A few reinforcements will arrive from across the Atlantic, but the team will look to recruit fresh faces as well, including men who showed previous interest. Hopefully they will have gained some toughness since quitting.


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