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Toward the end of each semester, there is always a moment when you realize just how quickly the semester has gone. While the weather may not reflect the time of year, the workload certainly does. Finals are fast approaching, and then we have Christmas break which, aside from the home-cooked meals, can actually seem to drag on a little too long. As you reflect on this fall semester, you will probably have one of these thoughts:

1. “Wow, this semester could not have been better. It was perfect, and I literally would not have done one thing differently, even if the plot of ‘Groundhog Day’ became a reality.”– Kudos to having a “perfect” semester, but that also probably means that you either a) didn’t care about a social life, b) didn’t care about your grades, or c) are very unaware of the definition of “perfect.”

2. “Overall, it was a good semester, but my GPA suffered a bit.” – You’re with the majority of students. There are so many factors that go into how you perform in a class – having a harder professor, not paying enough attention, taking an upper-level class, taking one of the more difficult Core classes (yes, for some people that’s Euc and Non-Euc). Don’t be discouraged, but look at your spring semester as an opportunity to improve your grades and study habits. For some of you, that may mean taking a little bit of time off from your “social life,” which really only consists of hanging out with Natty Light, Top Ramen and instant movies on Netflix.

3. “Overall, it was a good semester, but I wish I had hung out with friends more.” – Easy solution: Hang out with friends more. I know the balance is difficult (I even wrote an article about it), but just remember that you don’t always need to spend your entire weekend getting your work done. Sometimes, you should take a break and spend time with your friends … if you have any.

4. “I hated this semester. I have never been more miserable, and I cry and wet my pants every time I see the Tower.” – You might want to consider transferring.

All things considered, hopefully you’ll look back on this semester fondly. Cherish it. The semesters don’t slow down; they accelerate. Soon enough, you’ll be looking back at the fall of 2012 wondering where the time went, and hopefully, how it could have been as great as it was.


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