Wandering outside the Bubble: LA Burger


Megan O’Brien, Contributing Writer

The diverse culture in the Dallas-Fort Worth area makes hunting for unique, delicious restaurants easy. I recently ventured to a Korean-American restaurant called LA Burger for something new and was shocked that I hadn’t dared to go to this place before.

Decorated with warm colors and an outline of Los Angeles’ downtown skyline on the walls, LA Burger feels like an upscale, hip burger place.

With only one couple sitting down, LA Burger felt vacant when we arrived, but the friendly waitstaff quickly livened the place up. At first, we approached the counter to order with caution, overwhelmed by the delectable options. The menu board above the counter even included a digital photo slideshow depicting certain specialty dishes.

Fortunately, the waiter promptly greeted us, encouraged us to ask questions and even discussed the Korean influences in the most popular items. Try as many as you can. We ordered the LA Burger, Bulgogi tacos and their signature K-fries, all to split. The Seoul hot dog was next on the list. I will go back and order that one soon.

The LA Burger is a classic burger loaded with Korean flavors like sautéed Korean spicy cabbage, teriyaki sauce and a fried egg. As they boast on their website, www.la-burger.com, this burger will “take you on a journey to Koreatown.” It’s perfect on a honey wheat bun ­– for a healthier option, you can also get any burger in a lettuce wrap instead of bread – and worth it for $6.95.

The Bulgogi tacos include three double-layered corn tortillas loaded with barbecue beef marinated for 48 hours with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and other ingredients to add a sweet flavor to the dish. The waiter compared the taste to a teriyaki burger. At $4.95, it’s quite cheap.

The huge portion of their signature K-fries must be shared,– not only because there is such a surplus of fries smothered with cheese and house-made Kimchi and Bulgogi (both are types of marinated meat), but because this category of deliciousness deserves to be shared. Baseball and other sports arenas would do well to add this dish onto their menus, though at around $6, they’re slightly pricey.

Whether you’re craving a juicy burger or you’d like to try something new, LA Burger is worth a stop. Even better, LA Burger is proudly BYOB (bring your IDs along). So, bring your friends, bring your beer and try out these American-familiar and Korean-infused dishes.

LA Burger is located at 10045 N. MacArthur Boulevard #113, Irving, TX 75063.


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