Letter to the Editor


The article “To reform a more perfect union” (Nov. 13) includes some of the more familiar doom-and-gloom language we have grown accustomed to hearing from those on the political right, who cannot seem to stomach the idea of Barack Obama remaining president for another four years, just as those on the left were forced to endure eight years of George W. Bush.

The writer argues that the United States is “dallying along a path that will lead to our destruction.” I contend that this is blatantly false; this path will not lead to our demise. Quite the opposite – it will lead to a more prosperous future. Indeed, the vision of our Founding Fathers did not include our country devolving into an ultra-capitalist plutocracy, where the top 1 percent controls the outcome of our elections and public officials carry out the whims of the privileged few. If nothing else, this election proved that despite the immense monetary odds to the contrary, the people can prevail over the vast wealth of special interests.

The reason why Catholics tend to vote Democratic is because they do not agree with the Republicans’ aristocratic and mercenary view of society. They believe in performing acts of public generosity and in providing a fair shot at success. Furthermore, progressives are not attacking the family; far from it. Through their efforts in passing groundbreaking healthcare reform, crafting the DREAM Act and putting an end to two deadly wars, they are working to preserve the family for generations to come.

It is clear that the only “redeeming” our nation requires is an end to the hyper-partisanship crippling the highest legislative body in the land, and an end to the continuing unchecked polarization of our populace. Calling politicians who genuinely aspire to better the lives of all citizens “criminals against the nation and God” is not the way to begin working out our differences.

The reality is simple: Our president has been legitimately re-elected by a majority of Americans; let us wish him well in guiding our country through these arduous times instead of bemoaning how much “more dire” the situation has become.


– Jorge Flores, class of 2014


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