Dallas rugby slips up to SMU


Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor


The University of Dallas Groundhogs headed out to Highland Park this Saturday to do battle against archrival Southern Methodist University. The Mustangs had home field advantage, but the Hoggies defense kept them scoreless for the first 20 minutes of play. This was not to last as the Mustangs went on a 22-0 run during the first half. They scored one try off of an interception, and were also able to put one try away on a penalty.

Whatever was going on with the Hoggies during the first half changed when halftime ended. The Hoggies were able to hold the Mustangs scoreless in the second half with great defensive play by senior Patrick Rowles and crew. Senior Tyler Burr was the first to score for Dallas with a goal line drive. The defense played well and soon freshman Greg “Chinstrap” Bridges was celebrating a try. Tyler Burr scored yet another off a penalty close to the goal line. The Hoggies, however, were unable to make the conversions they desperately needed, and the game was punctuated by strong forward play on both sides.

The Hoggies strove for more points, but time was their enemy. The game ended 22-15 in favor of the Mustangs. “This is not the only time we play them. When they come to our house, everyone has to come out, and we’ll show them what Dallas rugby is all about,” said Rowles.


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