Album review


Alex Lebl, Contributing Writer

Good Old War – Come Back As Rain


Genre: Indie folk


Goes well with: Anthony Green, Mumford & Sons, The Civil Wars


Though I am typically a fan of heavier music, Good Old War has always been one of those lighter bands that has constantly impressed me with its musical ability. On the Philadelphia trio’s third album, the band continues expanding upon the things it does best: catchy hooks and tight harmonies.

The album opener, “Over and Over,” immediately puts a smile on one’s face with its cheerful chord progression, and this good humor is only advanced once the vocals come in. The trio quite possibly has some of the most seamless blending I have ever heard, and each song proves again and again that this is a band that needs to be taken seriously.

The first single from the album, “Better Weather,” gives longtime fans of the band some classic Good Old War sound, with Keith Goodwin’s voice floating ever so lightly over the verses and the other band members entering in at the chorus, all harmonizing with a melody that you will find yourself humming for hours. The band slows the album down with the tender “Amazing Eyes,” a track that shows the band’s versatility. Other top cuts from Come Back As Rain include “Not Quite Happiness” and “After the Party.”

Although Come Back As Rain is certain to make the listener forget about his problems for a while, the same problem that has detracted from the rest of the band’s catalog is also apparent in its newest release: After the first half of the album, all of the songs start to run together a bit. Granted, they all sound really good, but their resources and the genre of music in which the band chooses to play seem to limit its sound. Each song is a little predictable, and not much variety enters the arrangements. If you were to listen to a few songs from this album at a time, the album would be close to perfect. Unfortunately, as a whole, it lacks a lot of creativity. 6.8/10


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