Romers disconnected from national election


Claire Ballor, Contributing Writer

During the most recent election, University of Dallas Rome students experienced something unique as American citizens living abroad. For many, not only was it their first opportunity to participate in an election, but it was also an election viewed from the physical and cultural distance of another country. Far away from the action and relatively out of touch, the UD students abroad experienced a somewhat conflicting set of reactions to last Tuesday’s races.

On one hand, many Romers were excited to finally engage in a major national event. On the other hand, their involvement in the election was inhibited by their physical and mental removal. Some found it difficult to stay engaged throughout the election process due to a lack of access to media coverage and the overall expatriate mentality that can creep up when constantly distracted by travel and new cultures.

Sophomore Will Remmes is a student who enjoys following politics and who has been very involved in past elections. However, he found it challenging to keep up with this one.

“Being abroad significantly changed my participation in the election,” Remmes said. “It was much more challenging to follow, since I had very little access to the media coverage and the news. It’s just not the same when you are abroad,.We are constantly busy with school and travel, and without American politics right there in front of you, it can be hard to keep up.”

Sophomore Anthony Campise, a native of Dallas, not only found it a challenge to keep up with the presidential race, but also found it difficult to place his votes for Dallas County seats from overseas.

“It wasn’t very easy to get my absentee ballot and it was even harder to follow all of the specific directions in order to mail it overseas,” Campise said. “Really the whole process was difficult. It was hard to actually stay involved with it all because we really are so disconnected with what’s going on in America.

“Regardless, I think it is so important for us as American citizens to stay as involved as possible because this is something that will greatly affect us when we go back to the U.S.”

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