Ravin’ Bran this Saturday!


Akiko Bremar, Contributing Writer

Everyone who is used to thinking of Braniff Graduate Building as a quiet study area is in for quite a surprise.

On Nov. 17, from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., the University of Dallas Residence Hall Association will transform the quiet building of Braniff into a rave scene with black lights, glow sticks, beach balls, strobe lights, a lit-up fountain and more.

The RHA, comprised of several representatives from each residence hall, is going to be hosting the “Ravin’ Bran,” a three-floor rave in Braniff, for its November schoolwide event. In September, RHA held the Jerome Slip-N-Tug and in October, each dorm hosted a mini trick-or-treat event for the children of faculty members.

“We have to do a schoolwide event once a month and we wanted to do something that would make RHA stand out,” said sophomore and president of RHA, Chris Goldkamp. “Student Government and SPUD usually hold larger events for the entire school which are fun, and so we wanted to do something that everyone would enjoy as well.”

Not only will the rave be decorated to give the students the feeling of being in a club, but there will also be a beer garden for the upperclassmen, and DJs senior Ian Imlach and sophomore Matt Wise to play house and techno music.

“We are going to be playing electronic dance music with a wide range of techno,” said Wise, “and we are going to mix in some hip-hop songs as well. The music genre is not going to be the same the whole night, but we are definitely going to have a lot of party music.”

The beer garden for those over 21 will hold a happy hour between 10 and 11 p.m. during which beer will cost $1, as opposed to $2 the rest of the night.

RHA is hoping to reach out to the entire school community, not just freshmen and sophomores.

“The events that we hold usually have a high attendance of freshmen and sophomores, but we are looking to change that with this event and we are really hoping that everyone from all grades comes out to this,” said Goldkamp.

Students are already excited about the event.

“It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun,” said senior Ben Demary, “It might even be like a ‘Clubdonna.’ I am also looking forward to the inexpensive beer!”

On Facebook, there are over 145 guests who have confirmed that they are “attending.” For RHA, this is a good number because the number of people who actually attend is usually twice the number of those who confirm via Facebook.

Said Goldkamp, “We have a really great budget, an awesome idea and the ability to have a huge dance party in Braniff. We just hope to see everyone there.”

“This is a new event that we are trying at UD and the most important thing for us is to get as many people to attend as we can,” said Wise. “If students come, they’ll expect to have a great time!”


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