Mall á la Mode


Tiffany Tran, Contributing Writer


Matt Pierick

Year: Junior

Major: Economics & Finance

T-shirt: thrift store

Flannel: my grandpa’s closet

Jeans: Kohl’s

Flip flop: stolen from my brother’s closet





TT: How would you describe your style?

MP: Half lumberjack, half trucker, half hobo.

TT: Who is your favorite designer?

MP: Christina Aguilera, Snoop Lion and Kim Kardashian (my least favorite Kardashian).

TT: What is your favorite place to shop?

MP:  Thrift stores or anyone’s closet.

TT: Why do you dress the way you do?

MP: I dress like this because I lost a bet with Nick Catanese … Gotta dress like this for three years.

TT: What are some trends that you like?

MP: The same flannel every day, and not washing clothes.

TT: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

MP: Wear clothes as if no one is watching.

TT: What is something that you regret wearing?

MP: It was an emergency. Last Tuesday, I ran out of shoes, so I had to wear high heels.

TT: Well, the studded thing is coming back. How do you feel about that?

MP: They should be worn; if not, you should be arrested.


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