Fumes of defiance return to the Tower


Melissa Hernandez, Contributing Writer

photo by James Meier

A few dozen University of Dallas students gathered in front of the Tower this past Friday, Nov. 9, to smoke cigarettes in response to the possible establishment of smoking zones on campus. The event, organized by Students Against Students Against Smoking (SASAS) and called the “Great American Out-Smoke,” began with a handful of students at 1:50 p.m., growing within minutes to include some 30 to 40 students as the initiators lit up.

Photo by Rebecca Rosen.
Jacob Reilly looks up through the smoke at a bright future for University of Dallas smokers at the the “Great American Out-Smoke.”

Senior Alex Burch, who helped organize the event, said the idea came from a letter to the editor in the Nov. 24, 2004 issue of the University News.

“Almost nine years ago this day, students gathered in front of the Tower in the defense of the human, to combat the industrialist machine,” Burch said.

University of Dallas (Unofficial), a student-run Facebook group, wanted to revive the inactive SASAS to protest the administration’s recent proposition of implementing smoking zones on campus.

“Banning smoking anywhere on UD’s campus would be a real drag,” junior Danny Jones said.

Attendance exceeded the organizers’ expectations. Students of all classifications and even seminarians attended the event.

Photo by James Meier

“I came out to here to say that it’s okay if you smoke in moderation,” said freshman Daniel Kopacko. “I don’t think that people should be forced to smoke in designated areas.”

Senior Hannah Roberts said that the group shouldn’t protest “against students,” because the implementation of smoking zones is an administrative proposal, not a student one.

“I’m not against any students smoking,” Roberts said. “But if a student doesn’t want smoke blown on their face they shouldn’t have to. Everyone should respect each other on an individual level.”

The SASAS will continue to protest any action that it believes jeopardizes the right to smoke. In the words of senior John Bascom, “You fascists are bound to lose; you’re bound to lose, you fascists.”



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