Battle of the Bands rocks UD


Jamie Kuntz, Contributing Writer


Battle of the Bands kicked off with its usual aplomb last Saturday, Nov. 10, with 10 student bands participating in the competition. The winning band was The Wizard’s Tea Cup and the Sugarcubes, which captivated the crowd with its energy and excellent performance

“I really enjoyed Battle of the Bands because it’s the culmination of so many different genres of music, and people I know are performing, and it’s just amazing,” said sophomore Jerick Johnson. “I’m not really surprised that people here are so talented. They have a piano here in every dorm for a reason.”

The audience did not stay stationary, but danced and clapped its way through every performance. Some students even brought signs to support their friends in Ron Paul and the Sophomore Six.

Though the beer garden and the opportunity to socialize and dance with friends are great draws for the event, it’s really the chance to see University of Dallas students get up on stage and suddenly be transformed into rock stars that makes Battle of the Bands one of the highlights of the semester.

Of the 10 bands that participated in the event, The Wizard’s Tea Cup and the Sugarcubes came in first place, DYL Pickles and the Rosebuddies came in second and Ron Paul and the Sophomore Six came in third.


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