Coach Buchhorn optimistic about New York meet


Colleen Slattery, Contributing Writer

Cross country coach Matt Buchhorn. –Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

Recently, I sat down with Matt Buchhorn, head coach of the men’s and women’s cross country teams here at the University of Dallas to discuss the season thus far. In an office cluttered with running paraphernalia, statistics and photos, it was clear that Coach Buchhorn is serious about his sport.

CS: How do you feel about your teams’ performances at the conference meet on Oct. 27?

MB: Overall, it went well, although I feel like we could have competed better by running the race more intelligently. A lot of people started out the race too fast, most likely due to nerves, and that really affected performance. The championship environment put more pressure than usual on the teams, and I think they felt it. I was impressed with the men’s team. For such a young team, they’ve improved a lot over the year, and ended up placing fourth to Southwestern University by only 10 points. They lost by nearly 80 points to them earlier this year.

CS: What are your hopes for the upcoming national championship meet in New York?

MB: I hope for our teams to run more cohesively and really compete. Although there will be 29 women’s teams and 26 men’s, I believe that the women can place in the top five, and the men should be able to make top 10.

CS: What has been your overall impression of the season thus far?

MB: Well, it’s been a big improvement from last year. We have more people on both teams, and they’ve competed better than in the past. I look forward to the future with these teams because they’re so young, dominated mostly by freshmen and sophomores. Mostly everyone should be returning next year. Although we may not have won many titles this year, the season has been far more positive than negative.

Good luck to the men’s and women’s cross country team as they head to New York this week.


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