Calendar of DFW Events


Fort Worth Greek Festival

Nov. 9 – 11; St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox

Everyone who wants a little taste of Greek culture (or food! Think of the gyros!) should pay a visit to the Fort Worth Greek festival, where there will be live folk music, a tour of the church and, again, plenty of food.

Mayday Parade and The Maine

Nov. 11; House of Blues Dallas; Doors open 6 p.m.

Tickets to see these popular alternative rock bands are still on sale, so get them while you can!

JUNK Hippy Roadshow

Nov. 10; Arlington Convention Center

This traveling shopping event boasts 110 vendors, who all sell unique handmade or antique items.

Wuthering Heights

November 9-11; Magnolia at the Modern– Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

This film adaptation of the classic Emily Brontë novel is sure to impress the longtime fans – and maybe cause some new ones to head to Barnes & Noble to buy the book.


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