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Anthony Wager, a gentleman and "sacker of cities" –Photo courtesy of Udallas.edu

I sat down to catch up with junior Anthony Wagner, a biology major and the fullback for the University of Dallas rugby team. Anthony recently scored a hat trick in the match against University of Texas at Dallas. When asked which of his scores he would want to be on the highlight reel, Wagner smiled and responded, “Well, I ran one close to 80 yards, just kind of weaved through some opponents.” He explained that the other team had been in UD’s territory and UD needed to clear the ball, but it was too windy to attempt a kick.

“It was a good day for Greg’s guys too, all the points came from Greg ruggers.”

Wagner is an alumnus of St. Gregory’s Academy in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania, and said he had played football almost all his life before he started playing rugby for St. Gregory’s. He explained that the transition from football to rugby was an easy one.

“I also had older brothers,” he reminisced, “so that definitely helped toughen me up.”

Originally from Wisconsin, Wagner has been playing a variety of sports from a young age. Rugby is his favorite.

“It’s not like basketball or another sport where there are star players,” he said. “In rugby, the entire team needs to function well, even if one of your players is amazing.”

Wagner hopes some new people will come out, since around 30 players are optimal for the team’s weekly scrimmage.

Wagner is also a Resident Assistant in Madonna Hall, but he balances his RA duties with a heavy academic workload and still enjoy rugby.

“We only have two practices a week,” he said. “So it’s not as big of a time commitment as other sports at University of Dallas.”


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