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Once Upon a Time…

It is a common practice for children to put off their bedtime by begging their parents, “Please, just one more!” Now, a group of University of Dallas students are reliving the childhood love of being told a good story in the Storytime Club – only now, the only thing they’re putting off is their homework.

“Every Monday night we meet up for an hour or so and read a chapter of a short good book,” said Catie Pool, the president of the club. “Right now we’re on The Hobbit. Next is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We keep jumping around with British authors.” Additionally, one member volunteers to read a short story each week.

The club provides blankets, pillows (though students are welcome to bring their own) and hot chocolate.

“You’re coming to take a study break,” said Pool, “so you might as well be cozy when you do it.”

On Oct. 29 the club will deviate from its normal routine to throw a Halloween party. Instead of reading the next chapter of The Hobbit, volunteers will read ghost stories, such as those by Poe or Lovecraft.

“You can come dressed as your favorite book character,” Pool said. “It’s a literary Halloween.”

The club meets every Monday at 8 p.m. in Gorman E. Everyone is invited to come at any point.

“It’s just designed as a way to make your Monday a little better,” she said. “If you’re ever super-stressed out on a Monday, just come see us and we’ll help you chill.”

“Revenge your roommate” dance

Are you angry that your roommate always leaves your room a mess, or “borrows” your favorite pair of shoes without asking? Want to get a little revenge, but are unsure how to do it without blowing up in anger and irreparably damaging your friendship? If so, the upcoming Revenge Your Roommate Dance provides a fun outlet for your desire for vengeance.

The rules are simple. As with any other blind date, you will be setting someone up – here, your roommate – with a date to the dance; however, in the spirit of Halloween, you must also coordinate the pair’s costumes so that your roommate will figure out who his or her date is only once he or she is on the dance floor. Need some costume ideas for the pair? In past years students have seen Mario and Luigi, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The dance will be on Oct. 26 from 9 – 12 p.m., upstairs in the Haggar Student Center. Tickets are $5 for single students and $8 for couples. There is still time to get revenge on your roommate, so find him or her a costume and a date. But be careful – your roommate might be doing the same for you.


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