Letters to the editor


From Teresa Shumay, senior politics major


Two weeks ago in his article “Take the prayers off the sidewalk,” Robert Sherron argued that the one goal of the pro-life movement and of Crusaders for Life’s Prayerful Presence should be “to save as many babies as possible.” Among what Sherron considered secondary goals of the pro-life movement, he cited changing minds and hearts. But these goals are not at all secondary. They are, in fact, the primary goals.

We cannot save a baby without first converting the heart and mind of his mother. She has rejected her child, and we must turn her heart to love him. Sherron is right to say that the sidewalk is not the place to get into philosophical or religious debates, but he is misled if he believes that women will choose to have their babies the minute they are offered help with the medical bills. We must convert the mother’s mind and heart before we can even hope to save the life of her child.

Even if we are not able to save the baby, however, conversion of heart and mind is still the single most important mission of sidewalk counseling and of the pro-life movement. Contrary to what one may at first believe, the greatest tragedy that occurs at the abortion mill is not the death of a baby. The greatest tragedy is that a mother has participated in the murder of her own child. The souls of the murdered unborn, though we mourn them deeply, we can entrust to God. But the soul of the mother who has had or who is about to have an abortion is in grave danger. We must be there to encourage her to convert her heart and mind to life and to offer her healing and mercy. As a result of this, God willing, we may even save a life.


From Renee Davis, senior politics major


Last issue’s article regarding smoking zones on campus addressed a very serious concern for the University of Dallas. The university has begun exploring the possibility of installing “smoking zones,” or restricted areas for smoking, in and around areas of high traffic on campus.

This is an issue that affects all students. Student Government was asked to gather student opinions on this issue and provide suggestions as to where these zones should be. All UD students should consider taking an online anonymous survey at www.udallas.edu/smokingsurvey. It is four questions and is intended to give all students an opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback on this matter. Their suggestions and participation would be greatly appreciated.



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