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Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor


Many people are aware of something called Formula One racing. Going all the way back to 1950, Formula One promises more turns and action than a normal NASCAR race. The “formula” refers to a set of requirements a car must meet.

Each one of the 20 races held across the world for the FIA Formula One World Championship is known as a Grand Prix. The results from each race contribute to an overall point system. First place, for example, gets 25 points in the overall standings, while a fifth-place finisher would only gain 10 points in the overall standings. Additionally, constructors have their own standings. Since 1981, teams have had to build their own chassis for the cars, and the constructors receive points for their cars. Each year, there is a World Championship for the drivers and one for the constructors.

Recently, the sport has been dominated by German drivers. Michael Schumacher has raced with several teams over the course of his life and has amassed seven championships, more than any other driver. Another German driver, however, is showing promise. Sebastian Vettel of the Red Bull team recently won the Grand Prix in Korea. This was the 16th round and only four Grands Prix remain. Vettel is clinging to a six-point lead over Fernando Alonso, a Spaniard who drives for Ferrari. If Vettel can continue his stellar performances, he can capture a hat trick of championships.

Also notable in the sport is Monisha Kaltenborn, an Indian woman, who will soon become the first female team principal. Kaltenborn became the CEO of Sauber, a Swiss-based team, in 2010. Peter Sauber founded the team close to 40 years ago, and, now that his 70th birthday approaches, he does not want to continue acting as the team principal. Sauber is looking to Kaltenborn to uphold his legacy. Sauber is currently in sixth place in the constructors’ standings.


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