Album Review


Alex Lebl
Contributing Writer

Wolf Gang: Suego Faults

Genre: Alternative and Symphonic Rock

Sounds like: Portugal. The Man, Of Monsters and Men, Keane


Suego Faults continues the tradition of talented British artists coming over to the United States with their music. Max McElligott, the lead vocalist for Wolf Gang, recorded this entire album in his London flat, playing every instrument and writing all of the lyrics himself.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this album is the creativity of the songwriting. Each song does something a little bit different than expected, but still manages to sound phenomenal. The album starts off forcefully with “Lions In Cages,” which is underpinned with a driving piano, but really catches your attention with a floaty hook. The next track, “Something Unusual,” takes the listener back down with sweet vocal harmonies, but gradually builds in intensity toward the end. This up-and-down pattern continues throughout the album, providing a great feel and showing McElligott’s ability to write numerous types of songs.

The lead single, “The King and All of His Men,” stands out among the rest of the songs as exceptionally catchy, and is certain to inspire a lot of singing along. Other fantastic tracks include the upbeat “Dancing with the Devil,” the majestic ballad “Planets” and McElligott’s personal favorite, “Midnight Dancers.”

Suego Faults is a wonderful work of catchy songs and strong lyrics and is certain to be a delight for all who listen to it. 7.9/10.



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