Wandering outside the Bubble Cedars Food Park


Luke Holloman, Staff Writer

Out in East Dallas there is a place where lovers of food variety eat every Thursday and Friday night. In this wonderful land of grass, music, puppies and local breweries, a different type of restaurant reigns.

Actually, “restaurant” is a stretch for these tiny carriers of edible excellence. This land is ruled by the food truck.

The wonderful sensation sweeping the nation has moved from west to east and hit Dallas last, but not least.

Cedars Food Park is a weekly gathering of a few of the best food trucks in the Dallas area. These trucks are accompanied by local breweries and bands, many picnic tables, and an open, fun spirit.

It is hosted in Dallas Heritage Village. In this park, a number of notable historic buildings have been moved from around North Central Texas and placed together to give a sense of the state’s colorful history.

Food options change each week, but range from Cajun favorites to vegetarian-friendly. Each truck offers a completely new dining experience.

Try the Belgian Waffle truck, offering sweet and savory options and served by real native Belgians! At the Cajun Tailgators truck, be sure to try the Crawfish Pistolette. It’s a steal at only $4 and ranked the 34th best food item in the metroplex by foodie blog Oh Hey Dallas.

At the Easy Slider truck, don’t be scared off by the Sweet & Lowdown, which features goat cheese and strawberry jam on the patty. For you courageous souls, there’s also one with peanut butter and bacon.

Bring friends, a frisbee or card deck, an empty stomach, and $10-15 to experience some of the best budget dining you will find. I recommend much sharing, mixing and matching so you can try everything.

Dallas Heritage Park is located just past the Farmer’s Market at 1515 S Harwood St. Check it out every Thursday and Friday night from 6-10 p.m. As the weather cools, it will begin to open for lunch as well.


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