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Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

                                            Crusader profile:

Ryan McAnany

Recently I was able to ask freshman cross country runner Ryan McAnany about the season. Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas, McAnany has been running competitively since his freshman year at Rockhurst High School. I asked him what his impression of the University of Dallas has been in his first semester. McAnany responded, “Coming from an all-boys school in Kansas City, I was looking for a Catholic education, and I knew that Dallas offered one of the best in the country.” As far as the team is concerned, McAnany is optimistic.

“We have great team chemistry, and that’s how we get through grueling morning runs,” he said.

McAnany added that the team is setting its sights on the conference meet. The conference meet will be held at the University of Dallas on Oct. 27. The circuit, he explained, will be on the trails around the soccer field.

“We’re looking forward to having student spectators for the conference meet,” McAnany said. “It always is encouraging.”

McAnany is aiming for a 27:30 time in the 8-kilometer race in the next few weeks.

I asked McAnany about his experience as an underclassman on the cross country team. He responded that many of the veterans are very important to the success of the team.

“[Seniors] Clinton [Heyer] and [Matt] Barber are the veterans of the team and we all look to them for guidance,” he explained. He said that the veterans kept everyone on track and boosted team cohesion. McAnany promises to be a future leader of the team. He was recently named Men’s Cross Country Runner-of-the-Week by the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC), and one should expect future great performances from this young runner.

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

Lady Crusader profile:

Marin Chambers

I recently sat down with senior midfielder Marin Chambers, a captain of the University of Dallas women’s soccer team, after an arduous few weeks, is now in the midst of a break in games until Oct. 19.

Chambers, a native of Anchorage, Alaska, explained that these past few weeks have been a test for the team. She mentioned the recent trip to Arizona as an example. Both of the teams UD played, Rocky Mountain College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, were in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), while UD belongs to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). NAIA teams can recruit players and offer scholarships, which the Dallas program is not permitted to do. While discussing the losses, Chambers said, “This trip balanced us out, we can now focus on our weaknesses and patch them up for conference play.”

She added that one of the goals of the team this year was to win the conference championship. All five teams in the (SCAC) will move on to the playoffs. Chambers said that the team was focusing on rankings in order to be seeded more highly. She also made clear that the biggest challenge the team faces in attaining their goal is defeating Trinity University. She was optimistic, saying, “The freshman outnumbered the returners this year, but they have worked hard and continue to be key players”.

Chambers is a transfer student from Chapman University in California, where she also played soccer. When asked why she chose UD, she said that Chapman “was not a good fit; it’s a place where people have their dogs in their purse while they drive in a Mercedes.” She explained that UD was a better fit.

When asked how she balances UD’s notoriously heavy workload with sports, she said that she is “perpetually working. If I’m getting ice in the training room,” she continued, “I’ll have a book in my hand.”


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