The importance of the college man’s attire


Matthew Blan, Contributing Writer


Cary Grant: You would hire him.

When senior year comes around, the soon-to-be-graduated men of the University of Dallas should consider things such as building their wardrobes. This article concerns itself with the subject of a man’s wardrobe only, since the etiquette of a woman’s wardrobe is entirely outside the scope of the author.

While this is yet another item to add to the list of concerns on the mind of a student who is intent upon graduating (other concerns including applying to graduate school and taking the GRE or the LSAT), a proper wardrobe will benefit him in life after UD.

He needs a good suit for interviews, whether for an internship or a job. In this case it is best to have a dark suit, and it may be navy, black or medium to dark grey in color. It is completely up to personal preference as to whether the suit is solid or has pinstripes or other patterns. In an interview, the point is to look professional and not fashion-forward. It is also a relatively unknown rule that the interviewee wear a red tie to the first interview and a yellow tie to the second.

When choosing a suit, the young man should ask the associate working with him for advice on shirt and tie combinations. The best starting wardrobe will have in it at least a white shirt, a blue shirt and two ties, to give you some variety with your suit.

If there is anything else that should by necessity be in any man’s wardrobe, especially that of the graduating senior, it is the navy blazer. A blazer is distinguished by its use of metal buttons rather than the plastic buttons of a sport coat. This is the most versatile piece in a man’s wardrobe and may be worn with dress slacks, a long-sleeve button-down shirt and a tie for business-casual wear, or with jeans and a polo for a more modern, fashion-forward look.

Having a well-outfitted wardrobe is a good idea for underclassmen as well as for seniors. It can be a bit expensive to have an extensive array of shirts, ties and jackets. However, it only takes a few for you to mix and match.

So other than for the purpose of interviews, why bother with the expense?

We UD men should try for some class. It really isn’t that difficult to put together a more modern and fashion-forward wardrobe. The new trend for college-age men, in the experience of the author, is that instead of going for expensive suits, students are combining less-expensive items such as polos, jeans or sport shirts with a jacket or two to create a new and surprisingly classy modern trend that may even define the business-casual standards for this decade.


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