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Charity Week makes being a Good Samaritan easy – the junior class picks the charities, and all you have to do is pay a few bucks here and there to see Joe Giallombardo take a vow of silence, watch your friends get chased down the Mall (and experience extreme public humiliation) to be confined to a wooden jail or take a unique offer from a group of guys more than willing to endure some temporary embarrassment for a good cause. Easy.

This year’s charities are The Least Among Us, a charity that helps impoverished people in developing nations, and the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas, which is dedicated to the protection of the unborn. The contributions raised during Charity Week go a long way. But after the jail is torn down and the baked goods no longer infuse Haggar with the smell of home, don’t assume the all-too-typical attitude of checking almsgiving off your to-do list.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is chock-full of amazing opportunities to share your time, talent and treasure with those most in need. If you want to be more involved, contact Campus Ministry for more information on local charities. If the cause of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas really speaks to you, join the University of Dallas Crusaders for Life – they pray in front of a local abortion clinic every Saturday.

Giving to those in need doesn’t have to stop when Charity Week ends. Use Charity Week as a motivator to help you realize how important (and oftentimes easy) it is to give, instead of using its end as an excuse to stop giving. Charities need our help, and regardless of how you want to help, you can. And at the end of the day, prayers are one of the strongest ways to contribute to the cause.

On behalf of the University of Dallas Class of 2014, thank you for participating in this year’s Charity Week. We hope we instilled a desire within you to give more to those charities that work so hard to help out those in need.

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