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Listed below are some of the headlines that made news this past week.

Libya President Mohammed el-Megaref this past week has ordered rogue militias to disband in an effort to regain control of the country amid violence and armed attacks, including one that killed four Americans, according to news reports. – Fox News

The presidential campaigns and their allies began the week with aggressive attacks on the candidates’ records ahead of the first presidential debate on Wednesday. –The New York Times

On the eve of his first trip to the United States as Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state, if it hoped to overcome decades of pent-up anger. –The New York Times

Yesterday, the Dow industrials climbed 77.98 points, or 0.6 percent, to 13515.11, following its biggest weekly slide since the week ended June 1. –The Wall Street Journal

Afghanistan banned all Pakistani newspapers from entering the country on Friday in an attempt to block the Taliban from influencing public opinion via the press. The order, issued by the Ministry of Interior, adds to the mounting tension between the neighboring countries. – Fox News

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said last Wednesday that his country was under constant threat of military action from “uncivilized Zionists” and called for a new world order not dominated by Western powers in the service of the devil. – Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exhorted the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday to draw “a clear red line” to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. – CNN

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the U.S. would give $45 million more aid to Syrian opposition groups trying to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. –The Wall Street Journal

French President François Hollande, a Socialist who was elected this year on a pro-growth platform, presented a budget on Friday that would produce the biggest cut in the public deficit in 30 years while raising the top rate for the wealthiest taxpayers to 75 percent from the current 41 percent. – The New York Times

Rebels in Syria, trying to demonstrate fighting strength on new fronts, were pushing into more neighborhoods to try to break a stalemate in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and a key battleground in the country’s civil war. – The Wall Street Journal


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