Mall á la Mode


Jamie Kuntz, Arts & Entertainment Editor




Glasses: Warby Parker

Shirt: Hugo Boss

Tie: Hugo Boss

Belt: Kenneth Cole

Pants: Kenneth Cole

Watch: Emporio Armani


JK: How would you describe your style?

AT: I’m a follower to the times. Whatever is in the magazines, or whatever the stars are wearing. I’m very current. It’s different every day.

JK: What are some of your favorite brands?

AT: My favorites are Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole and Burberry.

JK: Those are all pretty expensive. How do you shop on a college-student budget?

AT: You have to be very patient when you shop, and know exactly what you want. Go to the sale section, or look for “Buy one, get one free” specials. It’s how you present yourself. Dressing yourself well is a good investment in your future.

JK: What is your favorite thing to shop for?

AT: Shoes. I like shopping for shoes because they are the foundation of your entire outfit. They’re what you match your belt and everything else to.

JK: What’s a fashion trend that you like?

AT: Warby Parker glasses. It’s a website where they send you up to five pairs of glasses for you to try out, and then you get to pick one. They’re $95 with prescription and have free shipping.

JK: Are there any fashion trends you hate?

AT: I accept anything and I’ll try anything. It’s the confidence you have in what you wear that makes it.

JK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

AT: Confidence! And you need to find that happy medium between comfort and style.


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