Core Decorum


University of Dallas students are notoriously proud of their community and culture, and as such have developed a unique lexicon. The lingo gets a little confusing, so I figured it would be helpful to make a handydandy list of UD vocabulary terms to serve as a guide for new students. If you’re already a veteran and familiar with the UD lifestyle, then nod and chuckle to yourself as you recognize these key terms.


1. Pre-TGIT (pre-TIG): The time you spend with your bros, your pals and your darling chums before kicking off your weekend with a solid TGIT. Because all UD students know that the weekend really starts on Thursday night.

2. Dawes: An indie band with whom UD students go way back. As a test, start playing “When My Time Comes” in the Cap Bar and take a tally of how many students start humming along.

3. JPo: The dreaded junior project that is the bane of every English major’s existence – choose your poet, know your poet, be your poet.

4. Platonic: What every UD couple initially claims their relationship is. Wait a few months and see how quickly that changes. (“They sat next to each other at daily Mass? They’re definitely in love!”)

5. “Rome Goggles”: The metaphorical eyewear that causes Romers to fall in love with their fellow Romers. Does it last when they leave Rome? 80 percent of the time, no.

6. Christian sex: Relax – it’s short for Christian Sexuality, a class that is essentially a crash course on the “Theology of the Body.”

7. Cap House: The free concert where UD students show off their musical talents. Happens Tuesday evenings in the Cap Bar.

8. K.A.O.S.: The way UD students live out their suppressed desires to be assassins.



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