Calling all the senior ladies!


Elizabeth Lynch & Deandra Lieberman, Contributing Writer & Staffer

Listen up, senior women. Male Auction belongs to us. Traditionally, we are the ones who don our finest clothes, grab our money-stuffed purses and make a night of it.

Because this event is specifically geared toward women, this is our time to shine. This is ladies’ night, with an extra helping of charity on top. As seniors, we have been through Charity Week several times before, and we are familiar with how each Male Auction act can result in either enthusiastic bidding wars or awkward silences. And there’s nothing charitable about the latter. Seriously, nobody wants to sit through that, and especially not to stand on stage through it. As senior women, we can bring our enthusiasm and our willingness to splurge for the sake of charity; we can transform the event from potentially drab to totally fab. Do we want the underclassmen to show us up? (Yes, this is a challenge to any non-seniors reading this article. Bring it, kids.) We’ve got a reputation to uphold.

We’ve been here the longest, and we’re the most comfortable at the school. We should be able to come out of our shells and participate in this. It takes a lot of guts for the guys to perform and offer a dinner or a concert. They are taking a personal and financial risk and making a sacrifice in the hopes of helping others through charity. We should reward this by bidding on them! (Note to any men reading this: Most of us have no desire to watch or bid on trashy acts. Just keep that in mind.)

So to all our senior ladies: This is our last Male Auction. Nowhere else will this be socially acceptable. C’mon, we’re bidding money on men and justifying it because it’s “for the babies.” How cool is that? So girls, set aside a chunk of money to spend at Male Auction. Talk to your friends, form groups, dress up, have fun and bid high.


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