Wandering outside the Bubble: The Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant


Akiko Bremar, Contributing Writer

The love for Asian food has certainly grown within the last few years in Dallas, and the Metroplex has met this flourishing love by building several Asian restaurants throughout the area. A popular chain that has expanded to include six locations in the last ten years is The Blue Fish Restaurant.

After its first restaurant was built in 2000, people loved the fresh sushi and the lively atmosphere so much that it grew to become an Asian sensation. With four locations in Dallas alone, it is clearly a popular place to eat. It is also easily accessible; for students at the University of Dallas, the closest one is only 4.3 miles away, close to MacArthur Boulevard off the John W. Carpenter Freeway.

Every time I told people that I was a sushi fan, they asked if I had been to The Blue Fish. Before this past weekend, I had never been, so I decided to go with a few friends.

We went to dinner around 7:30 on a Friday night and, surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait to be seated! We walked right in, told the front desk attendant that we were a party of four, and she told us to follow her to a table.

The Blue Fish has an incredible selection of sushi to choose from, and it was difficult to decide what I wanted. There were several that looked appetizing, but in the end, I settled on The Blue Fish roll, which consists of salmon, tuna, yellowtail and masago. My friends ordered a Hawaiian roll, which is interesting because it includes coconut flakes and pineapple; a Spider roll, which is soft-shell crab served with honey miso; and Kobe beef dumplings.

Taking the first bite was amazing, and then I started chomping down on one sushi per minute and could hardly stop myself; I was in heaven. The fish was fresh, the rice had perfect stickiness and moisture, and the avocado in the sushi was perfect as well; all of the ingredients went well together. I tried a Hawaiian roll, which I had never had before, and the taste was something I had never experienced before. It was a combination of fish, pineapple and cream cheese along with seaweed, avocado and coconut flakes, all dipped in soy sauce. It was delicious at the first bite! If you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza or if you want to try something different, I would definitely go for that.

For dessert, my friends ordered chocolate egg rolls and cinnamon ice cream, and I ordered my favorite, a bowl of green-tea ice cream. The chocolate egg rolls were pretty much mini chocolate crêpes, and the dessert dish itself looked like it could have been a meal. My green-tea ice cream came in a large silver goblet and there were about four scoops of ice cream inside, which is a large portion compared to those of many restaurants. The dessert was scrumptious and was a perfect end to the dinner.

I would definitely recommend The Blue Fish to anyone looking for good sushi and a fun night out. The only thing that I must warn you about is that it is a bit on the pricey side for the average college student. A bill for two meals came out to nearly $60, which is usually out of my budget range. Two rolls cost between $4.95 and $6.95, and six or eight rolls, depending on what type of roll is ordered, cost between $15 and $22.

With the high prices, however, you get exactly what you pay for. The service is friendly and doesn’t take too long, the atmosphere is sophisticated yet definitely family-friendly, and the food is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing.




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