Letter from the Editor


With three issues of this year’s University News in print, you have probably noticed that a few things have been added since last year’s publication.

News now features a weekly article focused on a relevant issue in the DFW community outside of the University of Dallas. Next week, News will add a new weekly feature titled “While we philosophized.”

A&E has added both “Wandering outside the Bubble” and “From the kitchen” to its collection of regular features.

Sports now highlights “Players of the week” and includes a little blurb about the world of athletics beyond UD – and even America.

Commentary aims to develop variations on a theme, such as that of the idea of home or foreign policy, exploring a single topic in depth, from multiple perspectives, over multiple issues. Additionally, “Sententiae Antiquae Novaeque” endeavors to connect the opinions of current students with those of past thinkers and doers.

Our goal in making these changes – and the others we will make over the next few weeks – is not simply to be novel. Rather, it is to produce a well-written publication that you will find informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.

And so, I welcome your suggestions. If there is something you think could be improved or added, please email me. If there is a piece with which you disagree, please write me a letter.

Our purpose is to serve the UD community. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you think of better ways the University News can do that.


Louis Hannegan, Managing Editor


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