Core Decorum


It’s become a cliché, but someone attempting to be wise once said that to make it out of college alive, you can choose two of the following three things: study, sleep or social life. This observation would probably be helpful at a state school where students don’t have as rigorous of a study schedule, but we as University of Dallas students have other commitments that make the decision of study-sleep-or-party much more difficult.

Extra-curricular commitments – Whether it’s Crusaders for Life, SPUD, Student Government or Dragon Club, you’ll find yourself saddled down with a huge time commitment. Any club adds just another element that you have to factor into your week.

Jobs/Internships – This applies more to upperclassmen, but taking the time out of your day to go be an adult is draining.

Athletics – “I want to write a paper for a philosophy class after running around in the heat!” said no one ever.

Faith – Regardless of the faith you’ve chosen to live, or even if you’re still searching, it’s always important to spend time delving into what you feel has spoken to you personally. Be it through prayer, meditation or even just a thought every now and then, faith is always a part of your day in one way or another.

By now, all I’ve done is drawn your attention to how much you have going on and how difficult your life probably is (and I only mentioned the bare minimum). But really, it’s trial and error. No one can tell you the number of things you have to choose if you want to come out of college alive – you have to choose. You have to decide what is worth your time. You might start out valuing things that in a few years will have no place in your life; that doesn’t mean that time was a waste. College is a time of self-discovery, so discover yourself ­­– and don’t let anyone else tell you how to do that. As Micah Teller once said (in a UD promotional video #WatchIt), “These are four years well-spent.”



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