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Raphael Slattery, Contributing Writer


Bocce, a sport you may have seen old Italian grandfathers playing in a public park, has a storied history, originating in ancient Roman times. Man is a creature who always aims for something. Hence, the formation of bocce into an organized sport naturally plays a role in man’s history. In a court measuring 18.3 meters long and 2.4 meters wide, competitors aim for the “pallino,” a small ball thrown beyond center court, with larger-sized bocce balls.

Bocce has a much larger following in Europe than in America. Competitions are regularly held, and though it does not have the following of soccer, is still a large part of Italian culture.

Winning in such a riveting sport requires focus, accuracy and precision. Great names such as Matt Brown and Gary Barker have graced the sport with their graceful performances, becoming world champions forever enshrined in the Vigilucci Beach Bocce Hall of Fame. Yet bocce is not meant just for a select few. Regardless of one’s experience and skill level, where there is a bocce court, there is a bocce game to be played.

And so, as the fall season sets in and the weather becomes surprisingly bearable in contrast to your school workload, remember that behind the New Hall there is a fine bocce court waiting to be used. Enjoy the season, enjoy company and enjoy the intrigue of an artful game.



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