The UD dating delusion


Matthias Andrews, Contributing Writer


In our sunny corner of the world is a wonderful concentration of smart, funny, virtuous and interesting people drawn to “The Dirty Irv” by University of Dallas’ unique calling.

But, there is a flaw in our diamond in the rough, a serpent in the garden of Eden, a flaw in the cafeteria tapestry (can you find it?). A myth has been perpetuated that if you go on a date with someone, you will be sending y’all’s firstborn to UD faster than you can say, “I lost my rosary; do you mind if I use your fingers?” I could make a persuasive argument against this ridiculous attitude, but let me instead offer you a better one and show how it is more successful.

Go on lots of first dates, plain and simple. Going on dates is different than dating. There are various social situations in which you get to know people in different ways – learning in class, eating dinner in a group, taping someone to the pillar in downstairs Madonna at 2 a.m. together. A date, or more precisely, “a casual date,” is just a way to get to know someone in a different situation. Not a big deal. Double dates are good for the timid or unsure, because there don’t have to be “couples,” just two gentlemen and two ladies. And finally, don’t mistake study dates for dates. That’s nonsense.

To quote Tim Minchin’s great song “If I Didn’t Have You”:

“Your love is one in a million/ You couldn’t buy it at any price/ But of the nine-point-nine-nine-nine hundred thousand other possible loves/

Statistically, some of them would be equally nice.”

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